About Us

What is an Athlah? In simple terms an Athlah is a tree, it grew in Kuwait at a time when hardly anything else grew. Families and children found refuge in its shade, played around it and created happy memories. To us an Athlah is more than a tree, in our hearts and minds it is roots, family, growth and comfort. It has been a part of our history and now a part of our future.
At Athlah we saw a need for well made, high quality children's wear in modern, simplistic yet wearable design. We wanted to support slow manufacturing and ethical production values and steer away from fast mass production clothing. We believe that it is never too early to expose your child to good design, ethical values and great taste.
You can shop our great selection of products at both our B&M store in Arraya Centre, Kuwait, or our online store www.athlah.com
Still have questions? We'll be happy to help just drop us an e-mail at info@athlah.com.